Shaun Gallagher @ Memphis

Recent and Forthcoming Lectures and Conference Papers

Naturalism re-natured. Is Naturalism an Ideal in the Philosophy of Mind? Deutsche Gesellschaft für Philosophie. Berlin (24-27 September 2017).

Intercorporeity in hands and communicative practices. Coordination and cooperation. ICPS17, Vienna (23-25 March 2017). Freiburg

Brains, bodies and cultural affordances. Plenary address. American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) Portland, Oregon (18-21 March 2017)

The sense of self following deep brain stimulatioin. Conference on senses of self. Oxford University. (29-31 May 2017).

Phenomenology and the analysis of complete interactions. Keynote. Interdisciplinary Coalition of North American Phenomenologists, Ramapo
State College of New Jersey.  (25-28 May 2017).

TBA. Inaugural Lecture. Umberto Eco Center for Semiotics. University of Bologna (11 May 2017)

Intercorporeity in hands and communicative practices. Symposium: Embodying semantics: How hands shape communication from motor actions, to gestures and Sign Languages.  ICPS17, Vienna (23-25 March 2017).

Brains, bodies and cultural affordances in interaction. Plenary address. American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) Portland, Oregon (18-21 March 2017)

TBA. Spring School on Philosophy of Mind. Bochum (6-10 March 2017)

Free will, self and deep brain stimulation. Mechanized brains, embodied technologies, restored movements: Philosophical and ethical implications of neurotechnological intervention. Freiburg, Germany (20-21 January 2017).


The concept of joint body schema in performance. Body of Knowledge Conference. University of California, Irvine.  (7-11 December 2016).

Embodiment, agency (in communication) and intersubjectivity. Keynote lecture. Communication in the Context of Congenital Deafblindness, 10 Years of Studies. How Knowledge and Practice Develop. Deafblind International Working Group on Communication, University of Groningen, Netherlands (16-17 November 2016).

Social utilization behavior. Psychopathy, bullying and a failure of embodied resonance. Workshop on Mood and Bodily-Affective Disorders. University College, Dublin (4 November 2016).

Double phenomenology. Philosophy Department Colloquium. University College, Dublin (3 November 2016)

Once more without feeling: Artificial empathy. 4th World Humanities Forum: Humanities for Hope. Ajou University in Suwon City, Korea (27-29 October 2016).

Embodied cognition in psychotherapeutic sessions. Keynote/Plenary Session. 15th European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP) Congress: The Embodied Self in a Dis-Embodied Society - Body-psychotherapy 2016, Athens (13-16 October 2016)

Narrative mind shaping, with Dan Hutto. Culture, Mind and Brain Workshop. Foundation for Psychocultural Research. Santa Monica, California (7-9 October 2016).

Perceiving the embodied mind. Social Perception Symposium. German Society for Cognitive Science (CogWis). Bremen (26-30 September 2016)

TBA. Global Health Group, Bergen, Norway (16-17 September 2016)

TBA. Colloquium. Philosophy Department, University of Bergen, Norway (15 September 2016).

Intercorporeity and reversibility. Keynote. Second Person. University of Buenos Aires (7-9 September 2016)

Intentionality, material engagement and joint agency. Summer School on Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind. University of Copenhagen (15-19 August 2016)

Social interactions in non-human and human animals. Keynote. Persons as animals: Understanding the animal basis of agency, perceptual knowledge and thought. University of Leeds. (12 July 2016).

Active inference, enactivism and neural hermeneutics. Colloquium. Welcome Trust Centre for Neuorimaging, University College London (5 July 2016)

Enhancing the deflationary account of the sense of ownership. Institute of Philosophy. University of London (4 July 2016).

Enactive protention and action affordances. Conference: Acting ahead of actuality. Institute of Philosophy and the Croatian Institute of Brain Research. Dubrovnik, Croatia. (16-19 June 2016)

A pattern theory of the mind and self in love and literature. With M. Anderson. Cognitive Futures in the Humanities 2016. University of Helsinki (13-15 June 2016)

Enactive and extended engagement. Workshop: Creative Evolution: Mind, biosocial plasticity and material engagement. Keble College, Oxford (11 June 2016)

Enacting the creative imagination. Creativity Lecture. Keble College, Oxford University (19 May 2016).

Doing phenomenology with words. Keynote talk. Nordic Society for Phenomenology, University of Iceland, Reykjavík (21-23 April 2016)

Collective agency, strong evaluation and narrative. Keynote lecture (via video link). VIII International Colloquium on Philosophy of Mind. Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil (11-13 April 2016).

Timing is not everything. Colloquium. Research group on agency and quantum physics. University of Innsbruck (21 March 2016)

Good grief. The Nature of Grief: Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives. University of Vienna (17-19 March 2016)

Astrophenomenology: Awe and wonder during space travel. Public Lecture. University of Wollongong (February 2016)

Patterns of the narrative self in therapeutic contexts. Narrative Practices in Therapy Initiative workshop: The Future of Mental Health - Folk psychology, cognitive neuroscience, or both? University of Wollongong, Australia (16 February 2016).

Performative utterances and phenomenological descriptions. Conference on the Analytic-Continental Divide. University of Wollongong (18-19 February 2016).

The role of we-narratives in collective agency.  Seminar. Ruhr University, Bochum (15 December 2015)

Enactive hermeneutics: Autonomy and embodied intersubjectivity in art education.  Embodiment in Arts Education.  Amsterdam School of the Arts, Amsterdam (12 December 2015).

Group minds, collective agency and the role of narrative.  Keynote address, Florida Philosophical Association, St. Augustine, FL (Nov 6-7, 2015).

The misuse of the reuse hypothesis in simulation theory. Scott and Heather Kleiner Colloquium. Philosophy Department, University of Georgia, Athens, GA. (23 October 2015).

Situating things: Material engagement and joint agency. Keynote lecture. Situating cognition: Agency, Affect and Extension. 2nd International Conference in Trends in Interdisciplinary Studies, Institute of Philosophy and the Polish Academy of Sciences – The Graduate School for Social Research. University of Warsaw. (14-18 October 2015).

The sky is not the limit: Wonder and awe in outer space -- Vom Selbstverständnis der Naturwissenschaften. Einstein Forum Lecture.Potsdam, Germany (13 October 2015).

Important things to keep in mind about material engagement and joint agency. 2015 Cincinnati Workshop on Shaun Gallagher’s Interdisciplinary Philosophy. Philosophy/Cognitive Science.University of Cincinnati (8-9 October 2015).

Somatic alienation: Body disownership in the context of torture.  Conference: Self-understanding and Self-alienation.  Existential hermeneutics and psychopathology research group. University of Copenhagen (24-26 September 2015).

Intersubjective relations in lived space and instituted space.  Keynote Lecture. 6th International Conference on Spatial Cognition (ICSC 2015): Space and Situated Cognition. Rome (7-11 September 2015)

Situating interaction in peripersonal and extrapersonal space: Phenomenology, social psychology and neuroscience. Symposium. 6th International Conference on Spatial Cognition (ICSC 2015): Space and Situated Cognition. Rome (7-11 September 2015)

Embodied cognition in the physical therapy clinic: Two lectures.  Neuro-physical therapy graduate program. University of Tromsø, Norway (3-4 September 2015)

Narrative and the stability of the ‘we’. With D. Tollefsen. Workshop on Collective Self-Awareness. University of Vienna (11 September 2015).

Intentionality and pre-reflective consciousness.  Institute for the Scientific Study of Awareness (ISSA) Summer School: Towards an Integrated Approach to the Study of Consciousness.  Kobe, Japan (3-7 August 2015).

neuroComNeurophenomenology and non-reductionist cognitive science.  IMPRS Summer School.  Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig (14 July 2015)

Pluralist approaches to social cognition.  University of Tokyo, Center for Philosophy.  Organized by EcoEX (The Ecological Turn of Knowledge: The ecological phenomenology for reconstructing the human environment). University of Tokyo (25 June 2015).

Narrative and the socially extended group mind.  Conference: Beyond the Extended Mind: Different Bodies, Dolls, Female Soul and Eastern Spirit. Kyoto, Japan (20-21 June 2015).

Thinking and reflecting as skillful practices: A phenomenological perspective. (with Dylan Trigg). Jean Piaget Society. Toronto. (4-5 June 2015).

Advancing the ‘we’ through narrative. Conference: Empathy, Group Membership and We-intentionality. Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen (21-22 May 2015)

Double autonomy. Modeling Self on Others. Central European University, Budapest  (18-20 May 2015)

Hybrid and pluralist approaches to social cognition. Colloquium. Philosophy Department, King’s College London. (29 April 2015).

Embodied cognition and intersubjectivity in therapy. Chiron Association for Body Psychotherapists. London (26 April 2015).

Using phenomenology to explore outer space. Lecture series: Situated cognition and the philosophy of place. Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. Germany.  (22-23 April 2015).

Why perceiving another person is not like perceiving an object. Workshop: Understanding before language. Dijon. (16 April 2015).

Affect and phenomenal consciousness. Seminar on Consciousness and Cognition. Ruhr University- Bochum. (April 2015).

Phenomenology in clinics and labs. Symposium. APA Pacific Division Meeting, Vancouver, BC (1-2 April 2015)

Cognitive penetration and direct perception: Three models. Cognitive Penetration and Predictive Coding. RUB, Bochum (March 2015). 

The misuse of the reuse hypothesis in simulation theory. Cognitive Science Seminar. University of Memphis (18 March 2015)

Recycling the concept of reuse: Why interaction theory is more ecologically friendly than the simulation theory of social cognition. Colloquium. Philosophy Department, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (4 March 2015)

Pluralisms and beyond. Conference on Pluralist Social Cognition. University of Wollongong (11-12 February 2015).


The new hybrid theories of social cognition. Heidelberg Graduate School for Humanities and Social Sciences (HGGS). Heidelberg University (8 December 2014).

The upright posture: Its current standing. Embodiment in Evolution and Culture. Marsilius-Kolleg, Center for Advanced Studies, Heidelberg University. (4-7 December 2014)

Implicit inferences in cognition. The Implicit and the Explicit. Workshop. Cognitive Science Program. McGill University, Montreal (15 November 2014).

Perception, normativity and plasticity. Workshop on normativity in perceptual experience. Groupe de Recherche Inderdisciplinaire sur la Normativité. Université de Montréal (14 November 2014)

Actively Understanding Mind and World or, Where's the action? In the head or in the world? Ernst Strüngmann Forum: Where's the Action? The Pragmatic Turn in Cognitive Science. Frankfurt (26-31 October 2014).

The cruel and unusual phenomenology of solitary confinement. Embodiment in Evolution and Culture. Heidelberg University. (15-17 October 2014).

The nonconscious in action. The power of the nonconscious. Institute of Philosophy and The Croatian Institute of Brain Research. Dubrovnik, Croatia. (3-5 October 2014)

Seeing without an I: Disturbances in minimal self-awareness. Self-awareness - an emerging field in neurobiology. The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Copenhagen (17-19 September 2014)

The situated self. Interdisciplinary colloquium. Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas (3-5 September 2014).

Relations between agency and ownership in the case of schizophrenic thought insertion. Workshop on causal explanations in psychiatry. Philosophy, Neuroscience and Psychiatry Expert Group, Radboud University Nijmegen (22 August 2014)

Multilevel (or multi-aspectual) explanation in neuroscience and psychology. Summer School: Abraham Kuyper Center for Science and Religion. VU University Amsterdam (21 August 2014)

Introduction. Marie Curie TESIS Workshop. Institute of Philosophy. London. (10-12 July 2014)

Philosophy in virtual environments: The sky is not the limits. Experimental philosophy project. University of Edinburgh. (8 July 2014)

The cruel and unusual phenomenology of solitary confinement. Internationale Netzwerke knüpfen.Temple of Athena, Assos Förderungslinien der Humboldt-Stiftung und der VolkswagenStiftung: Social Cognition Workshop. Ruhr-Universität Bochum (3 July 2014)

Seeing without an I: Revisions to IEM. Philosophy of Mind. Philosophy in Assos Conference. Assos, Turkey (30 June-July 3, 2014)

In your face: Transcendence in social cognition. Summer School: Shared Experiences: The boundaries of the social brain. RHUL and the London Institute of Philosophy, University of Aegina, Greece (22-28 June 2014).

Action and interaction. Workshop on the recent research of Gallagher and Zahavi. Bogazici University, Istanbul (15-23 June 2014).

The problem with 3-year-olds. The Future of Social Cognition: Paradigms, Concepts and Experiments, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany (12 -14 June 2014)

Interaction in the clinic. Neuro-physiotherapy Program. Tromsø University, Norway (10-11 June 2014)

The practice of thinking. Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, National University of Mexico, Mexico City (15-16 May 2014)

Phenomenology: The sky is not the limit. Cognitive Science Program, Cuernavaca, Mexico (12-14 May 2014).

Embodied cognition in the clinic. Lecture, Department of Psychology, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Barranquilla, Colombia (7-9 May 2014)

The embodied Phenomenology of phenomenology. Conference: Conscious Thought and Thought about Consciousness. University of Mississippi. (April 27-30, 2014)

4E cognition in the clinic. Keynote lecture. American Psychology Association Div 32 Humanistic Psychology 7th Annual Conference. Sofia University, Palo Alto, CA. (13-16 March 2014)

New hybrid theories of social cognition. Philosophy Colloquium. CUNY Graduate School, New York (12 March 2014)

Pathologies of embodied dimensions of self-experience. Workshop on Conceptual and Ethical Aspects of Self-Management in Psychiatry & Psychosomatic Medicine. Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies, Wassenaar, Netherlands (20-22 February 2014).

The problem with 3-year olds.  Conference: The Emergence of Social Cognition. University of Wollongong, Australia. 2-10 January 2014.


Welcome to the Hotel California. Schizophrenia and the nature of delusions: To believe or not to believe? Ecole Normale Supériure de Lyon. (16-17 December 2013).

The new hybrids. Workshop and PhD course: The scope and limits of direct perception. University of Copenhagen (12-13 December 2013)

Making enactivism even more embodied. Walter Powell Philosophy Lecture. Linfield College, Oregon (6-7 November 2013).

Visiting Humboldt Professor, Ruhr Universität Bochum (October 2013)

Interaction theory. Institute of Philosophy Seminar. Ruhr University Bochum. (29 October 2013)

Bodily affect: Making enactive accounts even more embodied. Emotions et Volitions. Seminar series. Archives Husserl de Paris (25 October 2013).

Debates about direct perception in the social context. Colloquium. Center for Brain, Behavior and Cognitive Evolution. Ruhr University Bochum (23 October 2013)

Situated patterns of emotion. Emotion, Empathy and Culture. Ruhr-Universität Bochum (17 -19 October 2013)

The socially extended mind and critical theory. Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH). University of Zurich. (16 October 2013)

Reflective skills: Between Dreyfus and McDowell. Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH). University of Zurich. (15 October 2013)

Phenomenological vocabularies for embodied practices. Experiencing the Embodied Mind: high performance psychophysical expertise, subjectivity research, and brain-computer technology. Castle of Gargonza, Arezzo, Italy (7-12 October 2013)

Delusions in the Hotel California. Conference on Philosophy of Psychiatry. University of Tokyo, Japan (20-26 September 2013)

Confusions about agency and ownership in the case of schizophrenic thought insertion. Conference on Philosophy of Psychiatry. University of Tokyo, Japan (20-26 September 2013)

Clinical reasoning in neuro-physical therapy. MA program in Neuropysio-therapy. University of Tromsø, Norway (17-18 September 2013)

Hermeneutical explorations: From outer to inner space. Explorations in Awe and Wonder. Templeton Conference, University of Central Florida (6-8 September 2013).

Seeing without an I: Revisiting immunity to error through misidentification. Plenary lecture. 36th International Ludwig Wittgenstein Symposium. Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria (11-17 August 2013)

Consciousness in outer space. Keynote lecture. Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness. San Diego (12-15 July Astronaut2013).

Angels and torture victims: Disembodied temporality.Ways of Being in Time: Perspectives from Psychopathology. Durham University (1 July 2013).

Visiting Humboldt Professor, RU Bochum (June 2013)

Re-presenting representations. Conference: What is Cognition? Mind, Brain, and Cognitive Evolution. RU Bochum. (27-29 June 2013).

Visiting Professor, Erasmus Mundus. Wuppertal University, Germany (June 2013)

Space and spirituality: Experiments in mixed and virtual reality.Weltraum, Wissenschaft und Spiritualität. Lecture and discussion with novelist Martin Mosebach and German astronaut Gerhard Thiele. University of Cologne, Cologne. (24 June 2013).

Making enactivism even more embodied. Workshop on situated affectivity. Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrueck, Germany (18-22 June 2013).

What can phenomenology tell us about social cognition? Collegium Philosophicum, Wuppertal University (17 June 2013).

Intersubjectivity and psychopathology. TESIS Conference: Psychopathology and Psychotherapy, Munich (6-9 June 2013)Man hanging out, Prague

Visiting Professor, Erasmus Mundus. Charles University. Prague (13 May-5 June 2013)

What can phenomenology tell us about social cognition? Embodied Intersubjectivity: Between phenomenological and experimental research. Academy of Science, Prague. (3-4 June 2013).

A pattern theory of self. Center for Theoretical Studies. Prague. (23 May, 2013).

Embodied intersubjectivity. All-day workshop. Institute of Philosophy. Charles University. Prague (16 May 2013)

Seeing without an I. Philosophy colloquium workshop. Department of Philosophy. University of Mississippi (18 April 2013).

Why we are not all novelists. Keynote lecture. Cognitive Futures of the Humanities conference, AHRC conference. Bangor University (4-6 April 2013).

Seeing without an I. Philosophy Colloquium. Villanova University. (22 March 2012)

In your face: Embodied and enactive social cognition. Keynote lecture. Workshop on other minds. St Hilda's College, Oxford University (11-12 March 2013).

Thoughtful gestures. Lecture. Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies. Rome (5 March 2013)

Seeing without an I. Philosophy Colloquium. University of Milano (8 March 2013).

The practice of thinking: Between Dreyfus and McDowell. The Phenomenology of Thinking. Co-organized by the Husserl Archive Freiburg and the Clinic for General Psychiatry Heidelberg. Internationales Wissenschaftsforum, Heidelberg (1-2 March 2013).

An integrated approach to exploring awe and wonder. With Brandon Sollins, Lauren Reinerman Jones, & Bruce Janz, Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology. Austin, Texas (1 March 2013).

Why we are not all novelists. Interdisciplinary colloquium. Center for Embodied Cognition. SUNY Stony Brook. (12 February 2013)

Perceiving and inferring intentions and emotions. Marie Curie TESIS Conference. Copenhagen. (6-8 February 2013)

Narrative practices. Seminar. The Balzan Project. St. John's College. Oxford (12-16 January 2013)

Why we are not all novelists. Keynote lecture. Workshop on Phenomenology, Embodied Cognition, and Literature. Royal Holloway, University of London, 11th - 12th January 2013

Neurophenomenology and the aesthetics of space travel. Neuroscience lecture. Weizmann Institute. Jerusalem. (6 January 2013).

Perceiving intentions. Conference: Phenomenology and Cognitive Science. Hebrew University, Jerusalem. (3-5 January 2013).


The skill of reflection: Between Dreyfus and McDowell.  Skills and Expertise Workshop with the Centre for Elite Performance. Macquarie University, Sydney (10-11 December 2012).

Autonomy, self-agency and social interaction. The Centre for Agency, Values and Ethics. Macquarie University, Sydney (7 December 2012)

The socially extended mind. Social Ontology, Critical Theory and Extended Minds. Philosophy Seminar, Macquarie University, Sydney. (6 December 2012)

Mood facilitation, time and depression. Philosophy and Cognitive Science Workshop with the ARC Centre for Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders. Macquarie University, Sydney (5 December 2012).

Where to look for your body. The UNESCO Philosophy Day Public Lecture and the Cave Hill Philosophy Symposium, Keynote Address. 8th Cave Hill Philosophy Symposium. University of West Indies. Barbados (15-17 November 2012).

Narrative, social cognition and empathy. Narrative, Phenomenology, and Cognitive Science. Pre-conference workshop. National Communication Conference, Orlando. (14 November 2012).

Why the body is not in the brain.. Philosophy colloquium. Mississippi State University. (9 November 2012).

Gesture and the possible origins of language. Cognitive Science Seminar. University of Memphis (7 November 2012)

Empathy and externalism. Empathy in context. University of Copenhagen (11-13 October 2012)

Perceiving intentions. Danish Society for Philosophy and Psychology. Copenhagen (10 October 2012)

Bodily self-awareness in first- and second-person perspectives. Interdisciplinary workshop on Self-Consciousness and Kinds of Self, Department of Philosophy, University of Fribourg, Switzerland. (8-9 October 2012).

Diversity and narrative in social cognition. German Cognitive Science Society. (1-3 October 2012).

Why all understanding is social. Conference on Social Understanding. University of Bochum (27-29 September 2012)

The socially extended mind. Humboldt Fellowship Awards Meeting. Heidelberg University. (12-15 September 2012).

Impact. Roundtable on embodied-narrative practices.  University of Hertfordshire (10 September 2012).

What can phenomenology tell us about social cognition? Keynote lecture. Joint Annual Conference for the Society for European Philosophy-Forum for European Philosophy (SEP-FEP). Manchester Metropolitan University (5-7 September 2012).

BildaktVisiting Fellow, Forscherkolleg Bildakt und Verkoerperung (Collegium for Picture Act and Embodiment). Humboldt University, Berlin (May-July 2012).

How we can perceive intentions. Workshop: Interfaces of the Mind. RU Bochum (19-21 July 2012)

Social kinaesthesia. The Aesthetics of Embodiment: Forms of Knowledge and Bodily Communication. The Collegium for the Advanced Study of Picture Act and Embodiment, Humboldt University of Berlin. 13-14 July 2012

Robotics and intersubjectivity. Institute of Philosophy and Cluster of Excellence on Simulation Technology. University of Stuttgart (11-12 July 2012).

Using simulated environments in experimental studies of cognition. Institute of Philosophy and Cluster of Excellence on Simulation Technology. University of Stuttgart (11-12 July 2012).

Proprioception, immunity to error through misidentification, and the first-person perspective. Institute of Philosophy and Cluster of Excellence on Simulation Technology. University of Stuttgart (11-12 July 2012).

Seminar on body, action and intersubjectivity. Health Sciences and Neurological Physiotherapy. University of Tromsø (22-24 June 2012)

IEM and an unusual problem with visual perception. Seminar. Forscherkolleg Bildakt und Verkoerperung (Collegium for Picture Act and Embodiment). Humboldt University, Berlin (18 June 2012).

A few hard problems of consciousness in outer space. Templeton Foundation Seminar, Forscherkolleg Bildakt und Verkoerperung (Collegium for Picture Act and Embodiment), Humboldt University, Berlin (15 June 2012)

IEM and the first person perspective. Keynote lecture. Conference: Minds, Bodies, and Problems. Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. (7- 8 June 2012)

Embodiment and phenomenal qualities. NEH Summer Institute. Investigating Consciousness: Buddhist and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives. University of South Carolina, Charleston (20-28 May).

Enactive intentionality. NEH Summer Institute. Investigating Consciousness: Buddhist and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives. University of South Carolina, Charleston (20-28 May 2012).

The philosopher’s body. Marie Curie Summer School. San Sebastian, Spain (14-17).

Perceiving motor intentions and sharing distal intentions. Keynote Lecture. Interdisciplinary Workshop: Personal and Shared Intentions Symposium. Max Planck Institute for Human Development. Berlin (3-4 May 2012).

To follow a rule: Lessons from baby logic. Conference on Charles Taylor. McGill University, Montreal (30-31 March 2012).

CoimbraVisiting Professor, Erasmus Mundus. Universidade de Coimbra. Portugal (4-18 March 2012)

Embodied, embedded, enactive and extended mindreading. Thinking with Shaun Gallagher: Workshop on Embodiment, Self, and Agency. New University of Lisbon (Universidad Nova). Lisbon (1-2 April 2012)

Misidentifying the self in experimental and pathological situations. The Cognitive Foundations of The Self Research Group. New University of Lisbon (Universidad Nova). Lisbon (2 April 2012)

The socially extended mind and critical theory. Philosophy Society. University of Manchester (28 February 2012).

The embodied mind debate. Workshop: The Embodied Mind: A Domain of Second-Person Psychophysical Experts. CREA. Paris. (25-27 February)

The socially extended mind and critical theory. Philosophy colloquium. Vanderbilt University, Nashville (16-17 February 2012)

The surprising performance of infants: False-belief tests and false interpretations. Dean’s Lecture. Body, Brain and Performance:  Theories and Practices. SUNY-Stony Brook. (7 February 2012).

Perception and proprioception. Phenomenology & Perception Workshop. Northwestern University (3 February 2012).

The socially extended mind. Phenomenology between Mind and Media. Sawyer Seminar. Duke University (26 January 2012).


Disability as a complete form of existence. Research seminar on the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health. Centre for Adapted Physical Activity Participation Studies (CAPAPS). University of Southern Denmark. (2-3 December 2011).

Complications in the ‘warmth and intimacy’ of bodily self-consciousness. The complex self: reflections on interdisciplinarity. Center for Subjectivity Research. University of Copenhagen (30 Nov – 2 December 2011).

Time in action. Conference on Time and Agency. George Washington University (18-19 November 2011).

The 'warmth and intimacy' of bodily self-consciousness: Problems with James's solution. Conference: Bodies in Action and Symbolic Forms. Two Sides of the Embodiment Theory. Collegium for the Advanced Study of Picture Act and Embodiment, Humboldt University, Berlin ) 4-6 November 2011)

Direct Perception and Other Minds, SPEP. Sheraton Society Hill in Philadelphia (19-22 October 2011)

An education in narratives. The International Institute for Hermeneutics. SPEP Conference, Philadelphia (19 October 2011).

Increased dimensional somatization is related to an increased color-word stroop effect. With Ragsdale, K., Bedwell, J.S., Allen, M. and Fiore, S.  Poster for the 25th Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology. Boston (September 2011)

Lectures on body, action and intersubjectivity. Health Sciences and Neurological Physiotherapy. University of Tromsø (12-14 September 2011)

Enactively extended intentionality. Conference: The Future of the Embodied Mind. eSMCs Extending Sensorimotor Contingencies to Cognition Project. San Sebastian, Spain (5-9 September 2011).

Embodied intentionality for the extended mind. Summer School: Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind. University of Copenhagen (12 August 2010)

Why the body is not in the brain. International summer school on cross-cultural neuroscience. University of Cologne (18 July 2011).

The social self: internal structures and external scaffolds. Summer school: On the architecture of the social mind: Self, other and interaction in cultural contexts. Köln, Germany (16-23 July 2011).

Embodiment and phenomenal qualities: An enactive interpretation. Inaugural meeting: The center for mind, brain and cognitive evolution. University of Bochum (14 July 2011).

Introduction to the practical side of social cognition. . Summer School: Embodied and Narrative Practices: Clinical and Practical Applications. University of Hertfordshire (11-12 July 2011).

An education in narratives. Workshop on virtues and expertise. University of Hertfordshire (9-10 July 2011).

Empathie, cognition sociale et phénoménologie. Conference on Empathy. Cerisy la Salle. Normandy, France. (19-25 June 2011).

'False-belief' experiments with young infants and situated interaction. Conference on Situated Social Cognition. University of Leiden (17 June 2011).

Aarhus empathy

Visiting Researcher, Center for Semiotics. Aarhus University/University of Copenhagen. (May 2011)

Trusting the subject. Conference on Phenomenology and Qualitative Research.  University of Southern Denmark. (26-27 May 2011).

Heidegger and social cognition - a critique. Inaugural lecture as Honorary Professor of Philosophy. MEF & Center for Subjectivity Research. University of Copenhagen (19 May 2011).

Trusting the selves in schizophrenia. Conference on Schizophrenia and Self-Consciousness. Center for Integrative Life Sciences. Humboldt-Universität. Berlin (14-15 May 2011).

Empathy, simulation and narrative. Conference: Empathy, Simulation, and Narrative. Center for Semiotics. Aarhus University. (13 May 2011).

Masterclass on Critical Theory and Social Cognition. Center for Semiotics Masterclass . Aarhus University (9-10 May 2011).

Social interaction and the socially extended mind. Seminar on Wild Cognition: Embedded, extended, enactive and distributed. Center for Semiotics, Aarhus University (4 May 2011).

Masterclass on Action and Interaction. Center for Semiotics Masterclass. Aarhus University (2-3 May 2011). Academy of Science

Perspectives on the self. A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Linking Belief to Behavior. New York Academy of Sciences, NYC (28 April 2011). VIDEO.

Phenomenal qualities and enactive perception. Conference on Perception and Phenomenal Qualities. University of Hertfordshire. (15-17 April 2011).

The socially extended mind and critical theory. Philosophy Colloquium, Cardiff University, Wales (13 April 2011).

Some qualifications on the ‘warmth and intimacy’ of bodily self-consciousness. Public seminar: Meaning and Mindedness. Travistock Clinic, University of London (25 March 2011).

Research in progress: Enactive and extended cognition in social and cultural institutional contexts. University of Hertfordshire (24 March 2011).

The socially extended mind. Keynote lecture. Conference: The Socially Extended Mind. Free University of Berlin (21-22 March 2011).

Enactive and extended cognition in social and cultural institutional contexts. TESIS Initial Meeting. Marie Curie Network. Heidelberg University (17-18 March 2011).

The socially extended mind. Institut des sciences cognitives. Université du Québec à Montréal. (18 February 2011).


Dissociation in self-narrative and the narratives of schizophrenics. A quoi ca ressemble d'etre schizophrene / What is is like to be schizophrenic. Centre d’Epistémologie des Sciences Cognitive. ENS. Lyon (13-15 December 2010).

Strong interaction and the question of autonomy. Conference: The Second Person Perspective - Philosophical, Developmental and Neurobiological Approaches, Berlin School of Mind and Brain, Berlin, Germany (9-11 December 2010).

Enactive intentionality. Colloquium. Sussex University (7 December 2010).

Interaction and self-agency . Aisthetik der Geister Workshop. Zurich (12-14 November 2010).

Interpretations of embodiment in recent research. Institute of psychology, University of Innsbruck. Innsbruck (11 November 2010)

Free will and the sense of agency. National Yang Ming University. Taipei, Taiwan. (27 October 2010)

Enactive intentionality. Self-Consciousness and Perception. National Taiwan University and the National Science Council. Taipei (25-26 October 2010).

Self-agency and the autonomy of interaction. Keynote address. Sixth International Conference on the Dialogical Self, Athens (29 September-3 October 2010)

Intersubjectivity and institutions. Keynote lecture. Volkswagen Foundation Conference on Social and Cultural Cognition. Bonn, Germany (16-19 September 2010)

Of two minds: A reason and a passion for the ego. The Cartesian “Myth of the Ego” and the Analytic/Continental Divide Workshop, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands (3-4 September 2010).

CREAVisiting Research Fellow. CREA, Paris (June-July 2010)

Self-agency and interaction. Keynote lecture. Embodied intersubjectivity. Marie Curie Foundation DISCOS Meeting. Budapest (14-20 June 2010)

Representations in action. A debate with Mark Rowlands. CREA, Paris (7 June 2010)

Delusions: Beliefs or multiple realities. VIème Journee de phenomenology psychiatrique de Nice. Nice, France. (4 June 2010)

ens lyonVisiting Professor. Centre d'epistémologie des sciences cognitives. Ecole Normale Supériure, Lyon (April-May 2010).

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The body’s architecture. Keynote address. Third International conference on Arakawa and Gins: Philosophy and Architecture. Griffith University Research Centre, Australia. Video lecture on the web. (March 2010)

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A phenomenological critique of Frith’s cognitive neuroscientific account of though insertion. Philosophy of Mind Seminar. Ecole Normale Supériure, Lyon (12 November 2009)

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Phronesis and social cognition. Workshop: The Varieties of Moral Experience: A Phenomenological Investigation. Durham University (24-26 June 2008)

The impact of neural, psychological, and social factors on the responsible assignment of moral responsibility for action. International Symposium on the Foundations of Social Behavior. University of Zurich. (18-21 June 2008)

Hermeneutics, narrative, and the interpretation of others. Mind and Culture group. Rutgers University. (30 April 2008)

Seeing other minds: An alternative to mindreading. Vision Sciences Lab Lecture. Harvard University (22 April 2008).

Self and the sense of ownership for body and action. Mind, Brain and Behavior Initiative Seminar. Harvard University (21 April 2008).

Reading room. An experimental installation (with Jondi Keane and Alan Prohm). Reversible Destiny: The Second International Arakawa + Gins: Architecture + Philosophy Conference. Slought Foundation / University of Pennsylvania (4-6 April 2008).

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Representation in deed, indeed. Embodied and extended mind workshop. University of Hull, England (9-10 July 2007)

Pre-narrative and narrative practices in understanding others. Narrative Alternatives to Theories of Mind, University of Hertfordshire (12-15 July 2007)

Agency, body schema and intentionality. INSERM Laboratoire Espace et action. Lyon (14 June 2007)

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Representation in action. The body and its Representation. Ecole Normale Supériure, Lyon (21-22 May 2007)

Pathologies of the lived body. Minding the Body: Transcultural and Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Inaugural Conference, Center for Body, Mind and Culture. Florida Atlantic University. (29-30 March 2007).

Body, Agency, and Intersubjectivity. The Rudolf Carnap Lectures 2010. The innaugural lectures of this series. Philosophisches Seminar. Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany (12-14 March 2007)

Perception, simulation and the actions of others. Social cognition, emotions, and self-consciousness. Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg/Hanse Institute for Advanced Study. Delmenhorst, Germany (March 8 - 10, 2007)

Simulation trouble. One-day conference with Vittorio Gallese. Cognitive Science and Philosophy. University of Siena (Italy). (5 March 2007)

Simulation theory and social cognition. Cognitive Science Colloquium. University of Delaware. 16 February 2007.

Taking intersubjectivity seriously. Human Existence, Purpose, and Intentionality. Center for the Study of Learning, The George Washington University. Santiago, Chile (7-8 January 2006)



Social robots and social cognition. Embodied and Situated Cognition: From Phenomenology to Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence. Polish Society of Cognitive Science. Poland (16-18 November 2006)

The experience and attribution of agency. Cognitive Science Lecture, Instytut Filozofii. University of Poznan, Poland (14-15 November 2006).

Esquizofrenia: una visión neurofenomenológica. Plenary. National Conference of the Asociación Colombiana de Psiquiatría. Medellín, Colombia (2-6 November 2006)

Esquema corporal e imagen corporal en deaferenciación propioceptiva & Comprensión de los otros en la narrativa y en la acción. A two-part symposium. National Conference of the Asociación Colombiana de Psiquiatría . Medellín, Colombia (2-6 November 2006)

How the body shapes the mind. Philosophy Department Colloquium, Universidad Nacional, Bogotá, Colombia (2 November 2006).

The structure of pre-reflective self-consciousness. The Origin of Consciousness: Perspectives from Neuroscience. A debate between Christopher Frith and Christof Koch Leibnizian panel member. University of San Marino, Center for Semiotics and Cognitive Studies. San Marino (27-29 October 2006).

Schizophrenia and experiments with the sense of self-agency. Invited lecture. Maudsley Philosophy Group, Institute of Psychiatry, London (25 October 2006)

From the minimal self to the narrative other. Plenary talk. 10th Annual Conference of the Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society. St Anne's College, Oxford (September 15-17, 2006)

Phenomenology and embodied cognitive science. A series of lectures. University of Jyväskylä , Finland (11-13 September 2006).

Moral personhood and primitive self-consciousness. Workshop on Embodiment and Personhood. University of Jyväskylä, Finland (14 September 2006).

Multiple aspects of agency: Phenomenology and experiments. Plenary talk. Situated Cognition: Perspectives from Phenomenology and Science. Durham University, UK. (18- 20 August 2006)

Social cognition and social robots. Exploratory Workshop on Cognitive Robotics, Intelligence and Control (CogRIC) Windsor, UK (August 16-18, 2006)

The success and failure of narrative. Plenary talk. Language, Culture, and Mind Conference. École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (ENST). Paris (17-20 July 2006).

Body ownership and self-agency. Embodied Mind Workshop, Cardiff University (13-14 July 2006)

Perception, action and context: Understanding others without simulation. Conference: The Extended Mind 2. The University of Hertfordshire (10-12 July 2006)

Experience and interpretation: Bottom-up and top-down explanations of schizophrenic symptoms of delusions of control. Plenary paper. International Conference on Philosophy, Psychiatry, and the Neurosciences. Leiden University, The Netherlands (June 28 - July 1).

Self-agency and mental causality. Philosophical issues in psychiatry: Natural kinds, mental taxonomy and the nature of reality. University of Copenhagen (May 25-26).

Simulation theory and the perception of others in action. Colloquium. Center for Subjectivity Research (30 May 2006).

Embodiment in multiple realities. Conference on "Presence." Media and Film Science, University of Cophenhagen (June 6, 2006).

The educational backdrop of phronesis. Phenomenological approaches to Moral Philosophy and Education. With Hubert Dreyfus and Sean Kelly. Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, University of Oslo (June 6-8, 2006).

The experience and attribution of agency: Schizophrenia, neuroscience, phenomenology. Symposium on Philosophy and Psychiatry. Philosophy of Mind and Psychiatry Group, La Asociación Colombiana de Psiquiatría. Universidad de Bogotá. Colombia. (22-23 April 2006).

The perception of others in action. Plenary talk. Congreso Colombiano de Filosophía. Universidad de Bogotá. Colombia. (21 April 2006).

Situated reflection, free will, and moral deliberation. First-Person Study of Consciousness: Shared Foundations and Moral Dimensions. Center for Creative Inquiry. San Francisco (March 31-April 2, 2006).

Narrative and theory of mind. Plenary talk. Annual Northeast Florida Student Philosophy Conference. University of North Florida (March 11, 2006)

La perception d'autrui en action. Fondements cognitifs de l'interaction avec autrui (Amphithéâtre Marguerite de Navarre) Collège de France (22 February 2006).

Simulation and motor resonance. Seminar. Laboratoire de Physiologie de la Perception et de l'Action. Collège de France (February 2006).

Phenomenology, cognitive science, and their mutual transformations. Human Existence, Purpose, and Intentionality. Center for the Study of Learning at The George Washington University. Program with H. Maturana, Santiago, Chile (January 2006)

Lectures Pre-2006