Ipseity and Alterity: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Intersubjectivity

Edited by Shaun Gallagher, Stephen Watson with Philippe Brun and Philippe Romanski

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Table of contents

Shaun Gallagher. Introduction: Ways of knowing the self and the other

Part I The science of self and other

Maria Legerstee, N. Pasic, Y. Barillas, and L. Fahy. Social emotional development: The basis for mentalism.

H. Tremblay and P. Brun. Awareness about self and others in children with autism

Jonathan Cole. On the contribution of the face to personal identity and selfhood

Louis A. Sass. Furtive abductions: Schizophrenia, the lived body, and dispossession of the self

John Barresi. Intentional relations and divergent perspectives in social understanding

Anne Jacobson. The soul unto itself: Self-knowledge and a science of the mind.


Part II: The inside and the outside of alterity

Dan Zahavi. Alterity in self

Francisco J. Varela and Natalie Depraz. At the source of time: Valence and the constitutiontional dynamics of affect

Beata Stawarska. The body, the mirror, and the other in Merleau-Ponty and Sartre

Kelly Oliver. Witnessing subjectivity


Part III: Ethics: The moral self and the moral other

David Vessey. The polysemy of otherness: On Ricoeur's Oneself as Another

Eric O. Springsted. Loving neighbor: Having a soul and being a moral self

G. B. Madison. The moral self and the anonymous other

Guy Mercier. Property, self-identity and the authoritative other

Alphonso Lingis. Personal identity


Part IV: The words and images of self and other

Kathleen Wider. A secret whose underside is freedom: Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye and Jean-Paul Sartre on our existence for others

Martin Moreto. Variations on the double: Representation of the self and the other in Jorge Luis Borges

P. Christopher Smith. Listening to another, seeing for oneself: Plato's and Aristotle's optical reconstruction of the audible poetic word

Jean Grondin. Alterity and language: On hermeneutics and Derrida's definition of deconstruction



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