Gallagher, S. 1992. The Inordinance of Time.
Albany: State University of New York Press.
(Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy).
(Reviews and more information)

Reviewed in

Revue philosophique de la France et de l'étranger 4 (2000): 524-525
Continental Philosophy Review 32 (1999): 211-217
Alter: Revue de phenomenology 8 (2000)

Here are some papers that extend or develop issues that are explored in this book.

Gallagher, S. 2005. Protention, schizophrenia, and gesture. Panel on Body, Affect, and Time in Language: A neurophenomenological approach to psychotic and other non-aphasic language disorders. Conference on Interacting Bodies - Corps en interaction. International Society of Gesture Studies (ISGS). Lyon, France (June 15-18 2005). (pdf)

Gallagher, S. 2003. Sync-ing in the stream of experience: Time-consciousness in Broad, Husserl, and Dainton. Psyche: An interdisciplinary journal of research on consciousnesss, 9(10), February 2003. (html)

Gallagher, S. and F. Varela. (2001). Redrawing the map and resetting the time: Phenomenology and the cognitive sciences (a .pdf file). In The Reach of Reflection: The Future of Phenomenology, ed. Steven Crowell, Lester Embree and Samuel J. Julian. Electronpress. Electronic Publication. A hard-copy version of this paper will be published in Canadian Journal of Philosophy (2004).

Gallagher, S. 1979. Suggestions towards a revision of Husserl's phenomenology of time-consciousness. Man and World 12: 445-464.