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A meshy exchange: Thinking and performance in conversation (2020)

Invited Zoom seminar: Virtual PPIG: The Perplexities of Thinking. University of Edinburgh. X-Spect Project (12 August 2020)..

Complicating the mesh: Integrating multiple factors in skilled performance (2020)

Invited Zoom lecture. Department of Musicology/RITMO, Norwegian Centre of Excellence, University of Oslo. (9 June 2020).

How moving is sometimes thinking (2019)

Keynote lecture at the Body of Knowledge conference, Deakin University, Melbourne (AU) (29 June 2019)

Inside the gaze (2018)

Conference talk at The Inhuman Gaze meeting.

Paris (June 2018)

This conference was funded as part of the Irish Research Council project, 'The Social Matrix: An investigation of the subjective bases of violence, destructiveness and ethical failure', Anya Daly, PI. also sponsored by the School of Philosophy and the School of Computer Science, University College Dublin


4E cognition (2017)

Shaun Gallagher interviewed by Linda Heuman at the 2017 Summer Institute on Buddhism and Science, Putting the Buddhism/Science Dialogue on a New Footing, hosted by the Mangalam Research Center from July 17-26, 2017.


Interactions and affordances in communicative practices(2017)

Keynote. Conference on Social Cognitive and Affective Processes in Social Interactions. Jena, Germany (12-13 October 2017).


Situating embodied cognition and it’s relevance to music and dance education


Keynote Lecture. Embodiment in Arts Education. Conservatorium von Amsterdam (School of Arts Education) (12 December 2015)


Philosophy in virtual environments (2014)

PPLS Interdisciplinary Seminar, 8th July 2014, at the University of Edinburgh. Lecture on the Neurophenomenlogy of Awe and Wonder project.



Varieties of embodied cognition (2014)

Collaboration with Miranda Anderson, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Edinburgh, on the History of Distributed Cognition Project.  Video to introduce scholars in literary studies to concepts of embodied cognition.


Exploring inner space in outer space (2013)

Walter Powell Philosophy Lecture

Linfield College, Oregon (6-7 November 2013).

Linfield collegr

Experiencing the embodied mind (2013)

Interview by Claudia Faita, during workshop "Experiencing the Embodied Mind" organized by Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (PERCRO) of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna. 7-12/10/2013 at the Caste of Gargonza (Arezzo, Italy).

The question here is: How jet-lagged am I?


Space and spirituality: Experiments in mixed and virtual reality (2013)

Lecture at the University of Cologne: Weltraum, Wissenschaft und Spiritualität. Public Lecture and discussion with novelist Martin Mosebach and German astronaut Gerhard Thiele. Morphomata International Center for Advanced Studies, University of Cologne. (24 June 2013)
Media coverage: Der Weltraum und die großen Gefühle (see video).



On Empathy (2012)

Shaun Gallagher and Karsten Stueber discuss empathy on Philosophy TV.


Philosophy TV

Enactively extended intentionality (2011)

Conference lecture at the eSMCs Summer School. San Sebastian, Spain. -- I argue that the extended mind hypothesis requires an enactive, neo-pragmatic concept of intentionality if it is to develop proper responses to a variety of objections.

The embodied mind (2011)

Hanne de Jaegher's brief beach-side interview with Shaun Gallagher on the embodied mind. At the eSMCs Summer School. San Sebastian, Spain. (2011). Other interviews on the video start with Thomas Fuchs and Susan Oyama, before Gallagher (starting at 15.34), and then Ezequiel di Paolo, Evan Thompson, Rolf Pfeifer, and Xabier Barandiaran.

Discussion on the concept of the self (2011)

The New York Academy of Sciences - April 28, 2011
A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Linking Belief to Behavior.

Embodiment and intersubjectivity. Dialogue with the Dalai Lama (2009)

Conversation between Shaun Gallagher and H.H. the Dalai Lama. 2009. Mind and Life XVIII - Meeting on Attention, Memory and Mind. Day 5 morning covers embodiment and intersubjectivity - empirical and phenomenological approaches. Dharamsala, India.

Non-representation in action (2008)

Life and Mind Seminar 4th Feb 2008 University of Sussex. –

A longish lecture. Not great quality video.


How the body shapes the mind (2005)

UCF In Print -- television interview on the book, How the Body Shapes the Mind (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005).


Philosophy Talk Radio

Phenomenology. Interview on Philosophy Talk (radio show, 2017)

Original live broadcast: 23 April 2017. Rebroadcast on 128 public radio stations. Podcast.



Awe and wonder (2016)

Australian National Radio Interview. The Philosopher's Zone.  Interviewed by Joe Gelonesi.  Sunday 13 March 2016 5:30 PM (Sydney).



The Sawyuer Seminar


The social extended mind (2016)

Phenomenology, Minds and Media. Mellon Sawyer Seminar, Duke University. (poor quality recording). Introduced by Owen Flanagan. Podcast.





Media (short pieces and some pieces no longer available)


Interview with Shaun GallagherAvant

Published in English and Polish translation.
Przemysław Nowakowski, Jacek S. Podgórski, Marek Pokropski, Witold Wachowski.


EmboOur sense of self (2013)

Interview with Shaun Gallagher. 2013. Interviewed and quoted by Katrin Weigmann (2013). In EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization).  Reports: Science and Society Section. ( (13 August 2013). doi:10.1038/embor.2013.124).




Quotations in popular press

The atlantic

Why It's OK to Let Apps Make You a Better Person (2012)

Interviewed and quoted by Evan Selinger, The Atlantic. 9 March 2012.


New York Times
See a New York Times science article by John Tierney, A World of Eloquence in an Upturned Palm (28 August 2007), which cites some research that I'm doing with David McNeill and colleagues
Boston Globe
. Download the research paper here.           See a Boston Globe "Ideas" article by Drake Bennett, Don't just stand there, think. (13 January 2008), which incorporates a small piece of an interview with me on embodied cognition.        
German radio
Listen to a German Public Radio science program which incorporates parts of an interview with me by Martin Hubert. Science in Focus (Wissenschaft im Brennpunkt), a special program on The Body in the Head [Körper im Kopf] (recorded March 13, 2007 at Bochum Universität. Aired 20 January 2008). Listen: MP3.

Globus article

Globus magazine

See a Globus (Croation news weekly magazine) insert of brief interview with me on the concept of embodied cognition, Kako funkcioniramo kao misleca bica? (7 March 2008), p. 65.





How the Body Shapes the Mind (2005). science and consiousness review

Interview with Shaun Gallagher. by Thomas Ramsoy. Science and Consciousness Review.



No longer available

Magazine of Yoga
A two-part interview (by Susan Maier-Moul) on the body and yoga. Part I: How yoga works: Posture and human potential and Part II: Bodies, experience and yoga. (December 2010). No longer available.


Videotaped interview with Shaun Gallagher. 2015. Hands. Television documentary serial, aired on the Croatian Public Television (30 September 2015). No longer available.Cologne Lecture Image

Media coverage: Der Weltraum und die großen Gefühle -- Space, Science and Spirituality lecture at the University of Cologne.  In Universitäts Zeitung. June 2013, pp. 1-2. No longer available.

Meeting of Philosopher, Astronaut and Author. University of Cologne announcement. (20 June 2013). No longer available.


Croatia TV

Interview on embodied cognition (2008)

Interviewed by Z. Radman; Croatian Public Television The Universe of the Mind, aired January 2008. No longer available.


Science And Philosophy Meet To Tackle The Mysteries Of The Human Mind. Interviewed and quoted by Medical News Today, published 13 August 2008. No longer available,