Gallagher, Cole, and Depraz. 2000. Unity and disunity in bodily awareness: Phenomenology and neuroscience.

NOTE: This project is based on a workshop organized for the ASSC4 Conference in Brussels in 2000. Subsequent to the workshop we created this hyperlinked version and made it available online.


Jonathan Cole
(Clinical Neurophysiology, University of Bournemouth)

Natalie Depraz
(University of Paris - Sorbonne and College international de philosophie, Paris)

Shaun Gallagher
(Philosophy, University of Memphis)


0. Workshop Description
1. Thematic Landscape
2. Methodologies


Part I

3. Phenomenology of normal embodiment
4. Proprioception
5. Perception and Proprioception


Part II

6. Body image and body schema
7. Double dissociation (Neglect and Deafferentation)
8. A case of deafferentation: Empirical studies of motor problems


Part III

9.From Movement to Gesture
10. Experiments on Gesture
11. Three Theories of Gesture


Neurophenomenological Conclusions

12. Embodiment: Transparency and unity of experience
13. Distinct elements and pathological disunity
14. Unified experience, disunified function

References and Bibliography